IPod Touch: Changes That Were Incorporated In The Fifth Generation Models

Apple has always been one of the leading innovators of modern technology. Long before they revolutionised home computing and mobile communication with the release of the iPad and the iPhone, Apple completely changed the mp3 player market thanks to their portable entertainment machine the iPod. Several models of the iPod were developed, but it wasn’t until the release of the iPod Touch that the device became something much more than a music player.

The Evolution of Different Generations

Apple has a habit of constantly refining and innovating its technology. Whether it’s iPods, iPhones or iPads, Apple regularly develops and releases new ‘generations’ of its devices and improves upon previous models. The first generation of the iPod touch brought the iPod family in line with the popular iPhone, and the device now looked and operated like the smartphone.
IPod Touch Fifth Generation ModelsThe first mp3 player to feature touchscreen and Wi-Fi capabilities, the first generation model featured an Internet browser and access to the Apple app store. Further generations added Bluetooth support, built-in speakers and front and rear cameras. However, although it was one of the most advanced mp3 players on the market, the fifth generation still managed to make huge improvements to the device.

Fifth Generation Hardware

The fifth generation features Apple’s powerful A5 processor. The A5 powers new iPad and iPhone models, and it is twice as fast as its A4 predecessor and offers nine times the performance from the built in GPU. This means that the fifth generation models are considerably faster and have much better app performance and multi-tasking capabilities.

This improved performance also allows the device to record 1080p video and take panoramic still photos as well as run Apple’s Siri software. Thanks to Siri’s voice recognition, users can navigate their device and search the Internet just by using voice commands. The fifth generation models are also available in a range of different colours.
Fitting in with the Apple Family

The release of the Fifth Generation iPod Touch means that the mp3 player is now more similar to other technology from the Apple family. Thanks to the Siri voice command software, the new models can be navigated and used like iPads and iPhones. Also, the new A5 processor means that the mp3 player is now as powerful as these other devices, and it can easily run even the most demanding apps.

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