Making mobile wishes come true!!

Chinese gaming giant, ‘Beijing Gamease Age Digital Technology Co. Ltd’ today launched an Android based application MOBOGENIE in India.

Mobogenie, an android mobile phone based data manager allows user to manage every aspect of Android phone from his desktop. The Mobogenie application will help user rule each and every aspect of his ‘Android’ phone right from his desktop.


Mr. Chen Dewen, President Beijing Gamease Age Digital Technology says, “The software will empower Mobile Users in an effective manner, so that they can take maximum benefit of their phone and unleash the hidden utilities of their mobile and over the boundaries often raised by limitation of touch screen and slow internet connectivity”

From basic syncing, backup and restore features Mobogenie offer many other interesting features for managing your messages, contacts, sending SMSes while his PC keyboard. What’s more is that one can download apps, games, and ringtones using PC internet connection while avoiding additional 3G or 2G download bills. The Mobogenie application will help you rule each and every aspect of your ‘Android’ phone right from your desktop.

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Mobogenie has all the basic syncing, backup and restore features user needs need on day to day basis. But what makes it even cooler and useful for the end user are its additional features that enables user manage their messages, contacts, ability to send SMS directly using PC keyboard.

For those who are into downloading apps, games, and ringtones etc… the use of Mobogenie will only simplify their process while making the download time much faster.

Download Link:

So what does Mobogenie bring to the table?

Using MOBOGENIE, an Android application allows you to access your personal computer internet connection on your Smartphone using the USB. The easy to use and navigate User Interface will provide much relief to the entire operation while using your ‘qwerty’ or ‘touch phones’.
Key Features of Mobogenie

1. File Manager & Backup/Restore
2. App Management – Install, Delete, Update & Find Apps
3. Cost saving on Mobile internet
4. The convenience of managing Android right from the Desktop

Besides the cool features, the app while using the app, the users will find 7 tabs: Phone, Showcase, Apps, Games, Music, Images, and Videos. These unique features build within Mobogenie will enable you to download, store and access these files with much ease. The app also comes with an app manager (the Apps tab) from where one can source new apps for installation. The 3 next tabs, Music, Images and Videos, are dedicated to all multimedia aspects of your Smartphone (listen to your music, view photos and videos etc.). Eventually Mobogenie intends to also provide a fully functional an Image Center (Image tab) which allows you to download wallpapers and Music tab to set ringtones with ease.
Download Link:


MobogenieInstallation is pretty easy. Once you launch the application, you’ll need to connect your Android device to your computer via USB cable. Mobogenie will then install an Android driver so that it can communicate your phone. Once the pairing is complete, you’ll be presented with a lot of other information about your device. This includes everything from Device name, City,Battery level to storage space and SD Card statistics. It’s very nice to have a well-designed overview of your device’s information.

Phone Tab: In this Tab you’ll find plenty of data that is stored on your phone. This includes your text messages, contact information. You can find the backup and restore button for all of these among the top panel. The great thing about the Phone tab is that, for text messages, you can receive,read, and respond to messages directly from Mobogenie. The Phone tab lets you view your data from your phone such as Contacts, Messages. In this tab, you can view your contacts, edit existing contacts, export or import contacts, view received messages, reply to your SMS messages, backup or restore data.

App tab: works like an Application Manager. Here you can view installed apps, update apps, and uninstall applications from your mobile phone. You can also download apps directly from Mobogenie.
Mobogenie also syncs your Music, Images, and Video files. You can listen to your MP3s, view your photo albums, and watch saved movies from your phone on your PC or laptop by using Mobogenie. Also features Images Centre that lets you download and install beautiful wallpapers on your Android phone. Mobogenie is a fantastic way to get quick and easy access to your Android device’s data straight from your computer.

Mobogenie: The tool supports a huge number of Android devices. Mobogenie is a complete Android management suite for your PC. In Mobogenie the users get a utility by which he/she can manage pretty much all the aspects of your Smartphone with ease, all from a simple user interface. Mobogenie is a Smartphone management tool that efficiently let you manage almost all aspects of your device, across almost all major desktop platforms. Apart from traditional media/file management and backup/restore features, the application integrates complete application control, including installation, removal and update, access to a web gallery for downloading content Apps, wallpapers and Music, Complete data management, ability to send messages from within the software itself and even transfer contacts and entire message threads from an Android device to computer

File Manager & Backup/Restore

What Android management tool could be complete without a file manager? Similar is the case with Mobogenie. The software packs a fully-functional file manager.It allows you to download any file or folder to your PC, upload them to your device, create new folders, search for files and delete them as well. As with the entire suite, interface is as pleasing as it gets. The backup and restore is also accessible from the Phone tab, and is really easy to operate. When creating a device backup, you can specify what to include between Contacts, Images, Messages, , Apps and their Data.

App Management – Install, Delete, Update & Find Apps

The App Manager will let you install uninstall and find Apps you can even export the app along with its data, creating a complete backup. App Tab will let you hunt for apps to download, and lists a plethora of popular ones.

And as if it was not more enough this wonder app also sorts out all the content based on categories, just imagine you are in a festive mood of Diwali and on clicking a button you see all the Diwali apps, Wallpapers etc.

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