Latest High Tech Gadgets in 2013

Unlike the previous year, 2013 too is seen with loads of promising high tech gadgets embarking at different point of time. In fact, this year is regarded as best in terms of seeing new gadgets, new trends along with really nice kind of gizmos. With every passing day, you could see a new technological advancements taking place on this earth, hence the market today seems to be flooded with high end gadgets for people of all the walks of life. So, right from your kitchen, cars, living rooms and for other places, you could get to see a wide range of high end gadgets coming this year. It is always a worthy experience to explore such incredible tech gadgets coming out the current year of 2013. Let’s check them out:

High Tech Gadgets

Fujitsu Lifebook 2013

Among the various high tech gadgets coming this year, Fujitsu Lifebook 2013 happens to be number one, since it is an array of several features and devices in one unit. It fuses a number of devices including phone, tablet, laptop and a high end digital camera. The idea of this high end gadget is to give several slots for tablet, phone and digital camera putting them together to work like any super device. This high end gadget is designed by a person called Prashant Chandra, and its idea was conceived from a laptop computer, which works on the shared hardware principle.

Xbox 720

This high end gadget comes from Microsoft this year, which gives you the best value for money package along with high end hardware specifications and hence is considered to be one of the best in class gaming library. This gaming console employs T3 and motion detection technology, which allows the users to enjoy augmented reality three dimensional images over the walls. This could only be experienced if you are using the Wi-Fi enabled three dimensional glasses. The experts have all positive review about this gadget, and call it as ten times better and powerful from its predecessor. The ultimate graphics you enjoy is carried out by AMD. And as per the reports, this unique gadget would be available by autumn of this year.


This is basically a learning thermostat, which is designed by the two former employees of Apple. The media especially Wired has therefore started calling it as iPhone of thermostats. Using the Wi-Fi, it can be connected to your smartphone thus helping you to control the heat both at home or outside. Soon this gadget learns about your entire schedule and thus embarks with your air conditioning or heating programs for you. It is capable of making out whether you are at home or outside. The orange display light is for heating, while the blue light is meant for cooling. Soon you could buy this high end gadget in United States at the cost of around 250 dollars, which will really help you in controlling your utility bills to some extent.

MWE Emperor 200 PC Work Station

As per reports, Empress 200 could be called as the future of work stations, which is basically one of the most robust computer based workstations known for its number of unique features. It is armed with unique features like touch screen control center, LED backlight, air filtering system, LCD screen and the electrically empowered leather seat. You can easily enhance your online experience to a huge extent using this high end workstation. Whether you are looking out to implement any professional task or simply want to enjoy hard core gaming, Emperor 200 can help you in carrying out different things with sharpness and comfort.

Google TV

It is called as Google LG Smart TV, which is a high end gadget that will be found in two (undisclosed) different types for the US users. It is an array of LG’s smart technology and Android applications from Google, thus the users are likely to get some of the most incredible and magical experience with it. It carries an innovative kind of remote control, which will help you in getting in depth control wherein you could carry out a number of functions simultaneously. Hence be prepared to get enhanced level user experience with Google TV.

Basis Band

You could have heard about gadgets like heart rate monitors, pedometers and several other hi-tech gadgets found in health sector. In 2013, you will find a much enhanced level health care gadget in the form of Basis Band. With this, you could monitor your entire health including your pulse rate, heart rate, sleeping patterns, amount of calories burnt, and other similar factors. It could be worn over your hands like a wrist watch.

Final word

With these high end gadgets, you are likely to enjoy some of the best user experiences. The above are few of the best high end gadgets coming out the current year of 2013. So enjoy using them as when these are launched in 2013.

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