Track All Day Body Activity With Nike+ Fuelband

A single wristband can give you a millions of happiness and can fulfill your desire by introducing to the new fitness world. It is a common wish for all the people to maintain their looks in terms of appearances which makes their own identity. So, keeping it in mind Nike brings you a great concern over the problems by introducing the incredible NIKE+ FUELBAND that Measures daily performances over the amount of energy used in a day. It has a specific unit to measure the daily activities which is measured in NikeFuel unit, meaning more you keep your body in motion more will be the rate of NikeFuel you acquire.  Band can also be simply defined as a device used to measure the activities per day.

Nike+ FuelbandWell, NIKE+ FUELBAND is very simple, comfortable and easy device to maintain the fitness of your body as compare to any of the other fitness instruments. It inbuilt 3-axis accelerometer that measures every single motion of your body and GPS reading to measure the distance you cover at the estimated time. You can fix a time and the rate of calories you want to burn in a day. Once you hit your target the series of 20 LEDs will automatically shift from red to green. However, it is nothing to get panic over how to get done with it, in fact it comes with a single button from which all the adjustment can be done easily as well a proper users guide is also provided at the time of purchase.

Nike FuelbandNIKE+ FUELBAND can update tracked stats from computer or from Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch with the Nike apps. The short coming of the FuleBand is not waterproof and won’t get enough benefit from the device for Cyclists. Basically it is available in the entire size i.e. small, medium, large and extra large. While shipping it packs with 8mm and 16mm links to adjust the size of your wrist, two lithium polymer batteries, USB charging cable and a charging stand.

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Track All Day Body Activity With Nike+ Fuelband, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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