Best 10 Must Have iPad Apps For Webmasters And Bloggers

Laptops and desktops have become somewhat old-fashioned since the launch of the Apple iPad range, in part because tablet apps can emulate the functions available on less portable PCs. Bloggers and webmasters who get out and about with their iPad will benefit from these 10 apps.

ipad Apps
Hoot Suite
This app is designed for social net-workers who don’t want to have to use different programs to access the various platforms that they use to communicate with others.

It integrates a number of social accounts into a single easy-to-use interface so you can combine Facebook and Twitter, making them easy to manage and allowing you to microblog effectively.

Analytics Pro
Webmasters and bloggers will want to be kept up to date about how their site is faring in terms of traffic and work out which posts and pages are getting the most interest and which are less popular.

You could use a browser-based solution, but this convenient app has a user interface that is better adapted to use with the iPad’s touchscreen display.

It might become difficult to avoid checking this app regularly to see what your stats are because it can become quite addictive.

Every blogger with an iPad should download and install the WordPress application. This service is one of the most popular on the web and the app for tablets has all of the features you might need.

You can add posts, edit ones you have already published and even view and approve comments while you are on the move, which means you can manage your little corner of the blogosphere wherever you are.

This is a popular file-sharing cloud-based storage service which means that you can add files to your account on your PC and then access them from your iPad.

This also works in reverse, so if you create a document with your tablet and you want to edit it later on your computer or share it with a friend or colleague, Dropbox will be the best way to go about it.

Instapaper Pro
You will not always have network access on your iPad, even if you have the Wi-Fi + 3G version.

Additionally you might be in a situation when you are not allowed to have your connections enabled, such as on a plane.

This app is designed to let you capture websites while you are online and store them for later so that you can read them when you have time, whether or not you are able to access the web.

Forum Runner
Those who are in charge of forums will know that it can feel like a full-time job, particularly if you are a hands-on administrator.

Forum-runner is designed to be compatible with popular forum platforms and provides you with some excellent management features with an interface which is suitable for a tablet’s hardware.

Cross-platform synchronization of picture, voice and text notes which you make for yourself is possible using this convenient iPad app.

If you are constantly switching from a smartphone to a tablet and then to a computer then this kind of functionality will be very useful. Whether you need to remember an idea you had on the spur of the moment or just keep up to date with the best SIM only deals, this solution will prove helpful.

This app lets you transform your social life into a magazine-style service that makes it much easier to digest while you are out and about.

It is compatible with major services such as Facebook and Twitter, so you can get a look at your feeds in a unique way and gain inspiration for your next blogging project without having to trawl through individual sites.

If you have images to edit on your iPad before you add them to your site or blog then Snapseed is one of the best services on the market at the moment.

It offers a very good range of tools and will take advantage of the improved camera found on Apple’s third-generation tablet.


The creative process can be mysterious, but if you are having difficulties trying to come up with ideas then this simple mind-mapping application might be able to help you.

There are many other convenient iPad apps aimed at bloggers and webmasters. In order to find the ones that meet you requirements it’s a good idea to download a few and experiment with them.


Sarah James is a journalist and technology blogger who loves anything that involves a touchscreen display and a web connection. When not writing or working out how to find the Best SIM Only Deals she spends her time manipulating photos on her iPad.

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