What cool apps are there around?

There are many different types of apps around but some of the coolest are those that are based on virtual reality (VR). There is a strong opinion around that VR is where the smartphone market is really heading and as each generation of smartphone is significantly more powerful than the one it is replacing, so too are the possibilities for VR. Currently there are smartphones with twin 1 GHz processors and phones with 4 GHz processor are in the pipeline, so power hungry next generation VR apps will soon by available. In the meantime, here are a few cool VR apps to whet your appetite.

Smartphone Apps
Of course the ultimate VR app at the moment is Google Glasses and who knows, such things may well be the way we go in the future, but for now most of us prefer to just use our smartphones without a wearable display.
For golf fanatics the coolest VR app must be Golfscape GPS Rangefinder. It has maps of over 35,000 golf courses and allows players to view the distance to the next hole and any bunkers on their smartphone.
Cyclopedia put the power of Wikipedia to use by displaying information on what you are currently looking at on your phone. Using your phone camera, GPS and compass is displays as AR world on your display screen. As you pan the phone basic information on the objects are displayed as they come into view and you can click to drill down to further information. It is a really cool app to take on a site seeing tour.
If you want to know more information about the different phones that are suitable for different apps, you might want to take a look at http://www.dialaphone.co.uk.

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