Android Is Still Growing – Its Now Frustrating The Developers

Android is the latest buzz within the smartphone community. Google’s android has been growing since its launch in 2008. But the developers don’t seem excited about it. For all the success it has gained amongst its users, it is yet to bring a smile on its application developer center. Android lovers certainly enjoy its openness, there are many issues worrying the developers.

The simple reason for the developers to be frustrated to work on Android platform is fragmentation. They would rather prefer a unilateral version where testing does not take much of their time. As per a recent report, the interest of the developers to do programming on Android phones has declined substantially. There are a lot of parameters that a developer needs to bear in mind before working on the Android platform. These parameters could include size of screen, features size, the color of the screen the manufacturers are using on top of the screen and more. Similarly, web apps are becoming an old story for Google fragmented apps.

Android Apps

Will Android prove fatal for Google

Android device fragmentation is the main gripe for the not so happy programmers. If you compare the three software versions that Android is running, namely – Éclair, Froyo, and Gingerbread, Gingerbread is still adding devices and is dominating over its predecessors. The fragmentation has become the talk of the town amongst its developers and who now prefer to work on iOS platform over Android. Though Google and its rival Apple continue to dominate the market, Apple’s iOS has no fragmentation and is little generous at the user interface (UI) level due to various models of iPhones with different hardware capabilities.

Android availability on the gadgets offered by different companies and on any carrier could be a decision of Google’s hardware manufacturers, and wireless carriers. Though Google has permitted manufacturers to customize and use Android base for their gadgets, Google’s own mobile suite (Google Apps or Gmail) are still not an open source for the manufacturers. Customers enjoy Android’s openness and the lack of single app store does not upset them.

Developers also express their discomfort in the Android’s app ecosystem as they tend to enjoy a one stop shop experience like Apple’s app store. With developers questioning Android’s disintegration, its existence with multiple application stores also add to their anxiety. With latest version hitting the markets each day, its designers are losing interest in Android with each passing day. If the handset companies start to modify the Android versions for their gadgets to suit their needs, the apps the developers are creating now, will be a challenge later – as their integration with the future versions of Android seems increasingly difficult. This is another reason for not so happy Android developers.

If developers continue to frown, it could jeopardize Android’s credibility amongst its creators. The incongruence in software varieties from device manufacturers to handsets is the reason for the company to think about developers demand. Android developers believe that platform fragmentation is a meaning full problem to be addressed as soon as possible.

About the author: Claudia is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on luxury and technology. She was really amazed to read that Touch Revolution brings the Android powered microwave. These days she is busy in writing an article on green apps for android users.

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